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RV Winter Camping in Alberta
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RV winter camping is a must-do for many people in Alberta. For a province that has a notoriety for being cold and snowy, you can’t escape it. At Camp Rocky Mountain House, we are open for winter camping, and we encourage you to do so.

RV Winter Camping Alberta

The Unique Winter Experience

Camping in the winter is a totally different experience than summer or spring.  For one, you get a more solitary experience, with fewer people around you can enjoy nature more. Activities like snowshoeing are possible, and warm winter campfires.

No Bugs

This one can be a huge plus for those who hate mosquitoes and flies. In the winter, they are nowhere to be seen! Leave the bug spray at home for your winter RV camping trip. The only bug you might encounter is the snow flea, but those are harmless.


With the short days, you will be able to stargaze like never before. There is something magical about the winter night sky, and we hope you can experience it. We recommend a quick snowshoe with the proper equipment, to a secluded place to watch the night sky.

No Cooler Needed

Keep all your drinks ice-cold without the need of a cooler! However, if you want to deter wildlife, we recommend using the snow as ice inside your cooler.

More Wildlife

The white blanket of snow makes spotting wildlife a lot easier in the winter. Many animals have to come out to forage in winter, thus giving you an excellent opportunity to view them!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, come out and try some RV winter camping. Book online right here.

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