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What to Bring Glamping in Alberta
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Glamping in Alberta is not the same as camping in Alberta, and the supplies you need to bring vary somewhat. We will give you some ideas on what you need to bring with you. We at Black Sheep Camp Rocky Mountain House aim to make your glamping adventure perfect!

Glamping in Alberta: What to Bring?


There are obviously some essentials that you need to bring on every camping trip:

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Books / Media
  • Cookware

Forget the tent and bedding, that will already be setup for your stay.


Like any outdoor trip, appropriate clothing is essential. I wouldn’t worry about heavy sleeping bags, we have bedding available. We even have washers and dryers available should you need to wash some clothes!


All your essentials, skin care, shampoos etc. are good things to bring. If you ever forget anything, our store should have what you need. Each glamping tent has mosquito netting as well, so the need for repellent should be minimal at night.

Books and Media

We are always fans of a good book when camping, but our tents have power for all your devices. If you need to keep the kids entertained, this is a lifesaver. If a late night move is your style, we have you covered as well!


Each of our luxurious tents include a small stove. Having some cookware will make prepping meals a breeze. What’s glamping without your own stove? No need to build a fire here.

What are you waiting for? Book your next Glamping trip in Alberta today!

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